Gong Immersions

Meditations for balance, centering and healing.

Upcoming Gong Immersions at Neptune:

$15 cash or check. Please bring a mat or cushion. Please be timely, no entrance once door is closed. Pre-tickets are not needed or available, just come 5-10 minutes early to get your space. First come, first served.


September 19th, Tuesday 6pm

Honoring New Moon in Virgo. This new moon offers us time to take charge of our lives by organizing and refining our work. A fertile and productive time. Venus also enters Virgo, showing us how we show love practically; a time to be aware of self-indulgence.


October 5th, Thursday 6pm

Honoring the Full Moon in Aries
The sun shines brightly on the moon, illuminating our shadow and light. This Moon brings us strength and independence. Many aspects in play, including Mercury and Neptune which brings the conflict of the mind versus intuition. Creativity is a great outlet for nervousness or restlessness ignited this month. Watch your boundaries and desire to escape or be excessive.


October 19th, Thursday 6pm

Honoring the New Moon in Libra
This new moon stirs the desire to be social.  Yet we are also sensitive to emotions experiencing a bit of a roller coaster. With Jupiter in the mix there is great optimism yet also drama, projections and tendency to overreact. Mercury brings logic and common sense. Uranus may bring mood swings and sudden changes. New moon is a great time to be balanced by the gongs and to set intention for this cycle.






The gong is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. A truly magical instrument that has been used for centuries for healing, ceremony, communication and music. Each of our gongs is hand made and tuned to the orbital properties of the planets. Together they create a cosmic symphony; by listening to it you are tuning in to the sounds of the cosmos.

Based on ancient wisdom, the gongs vibrate at the same frequency as the body allowing the body to heal itself; the sounds fine tune our bodies, mind and emotions. This helps us to relax completely, sleep better, improve concentration, and even increase our confidence. Sound healing can help with depression and fatigue too.

Being bathed in sound with intention puts people into a deep meditative state quickly because of sound, frequency and vibration. If you understand that we are made up of vibration and energy right down to our cells, it all resonates. Dr. Gloria Oberbeck, a Harvard-educated M.D. says, “Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body are affected so much by a Gong Bath.”

During a typical gong immersion, participants lie on the floor, or sit in a comfortable position, and the sounds wash over you. The sound of the gong can take you to another place and is a highly effective tool for meditation and shifting consciousness. There are so many benefits to giving yourself the gift of sound!

At Neptune we offer gong immersions once or twice a month, timed with the planetary cycles and movement.

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